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This is SSC Exam Prep, a blog dedicated to provide you the best Prep materials for the SSC Exams and also the latest news about the Notification, Admit Card and Results.

Structure of SSC Exam Prep BlogThe need to create this blog was felt when I found very less SSC Exam prep materials on the net and also whatever was there – was in tits and bits, spread out all over, not much in a palatable form. The idea was to give you a platform, where you can find all the information regarding any SSC Exam, on a single place, without having to search over and over again. Therefore when you go inside this site, you would find that all the information on any specific exam is available on a single page. For instance when you select “CGL Exam” in “Prep Materials” section you would find that all information regarding SSC CGL Exam is given in the left menu-bar. This again is divided into two sections: “Know the Exam” & “Exam Prep Material“.  You do not have therefore to keep on searching. It is right before you.

In addition to Prep Materials, you would also find the latest information regarding the SSC Exams into three news sections – Notification,  Admit CardResults, which would  keep you abreast of the latest happening. SSC Exam News and Introduction

On the other hand, if you are a novice on SSC Exams, there is yet another section: Learn about SSC Exams, which would give you ample amount of info to turn into a pro.
It is needless to say that any blog/website becomes successful when not only user likes the content, but also participates in the discussions. Therefore, an SSC Exam Forum will be launched soon. This Forum would enable you to discuss any topic on any specific SSC Exam with your fellow candidates. I would also like to request you to post your comments and feedbacks and would really love if you share it in your social circle: Facebook, Google+ & Twitter.

About SSC Exam Prep Blog AuthorAbout Me!
I am Prasanta Bora, a 45 year engineering graduate, working in a Fortune-500 company for last 20 years.
And here is my family – my wife (also a co-author of this blog) and my 6 year old son.

I always used to like to help my friends and my juniors in their studies in my academic years. This remained true even after I joined service. Whatever I knew about jobs and careers, I used to share it with the people who needed it.

Later I thought; why not use Internet to disseminate information about whatever little I know? So in February 2007, I Blog Visitslunched the blog Career Quips. The blog became very popular –it has crossed 15 million (1.5 Crore) page hits – at this moment: 15,117,494 to be precise. Because of this blog, my Google+ profile has also taken 36,754,221 (3.6 Crore) views!

Seeing the success of Career Quips I have lunched this blog – because I felt total SSC Exam Preparation needs have not been addressed by any website so far. I am sure you would like SSC Exam Prep and would be happy if you share info about it in your social media circles.

Regards and Best Wishes!

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