Introduction to SSC Exams

Once you have heard about Exams conducted by SSC, you would like to know more about it – what are the exams conducted by it, what are the Eligibility required, what is your chance of getting a Job through SSC Exams. You would also like to know when are the exams conducted. Next, once you size up that you would appear in that particular SSC Exam, you would like to have some prep tips to prepare for that exam.

All these info are available through following three articles:

Know SSC Exams:

Know About SSC ExamsIt at first tells you what is SSC (Staff Selection Commission) as an organisation. It then provides you the list of exams conducted by SSC and groups them according to the qualification level – Matric Level, Higher-Secondary Level, Diploma Level and Graduate Level. It also organises certain exams which are conducted for specific organisations like Food Corporation of India (FCI), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Prasar Bharati etc.. This helps you identify which SSC exams you can appear with your qualification.

SSC Exam Prep Tips:

SSC Exam Prep TipsThis article provides you some tips on how to start your preparation for SSC Exam and also emphasizes the importance of time management during exam hour. It gives you a broad over view on how to prepare. But after reading this, you should go into Prep-Tips for specific exam, which are given inside Prep-materials for that exam.

SSC Exam Calendar:

SSC Exam CalendarSSC provides the calendar of exam every year in its official website. This article provides you the schedule of exam as announced by SSC.
It would help you schedule your preparation by knowing the different dates e.g. Date of notification, date of form submission, date of exam, date of result etc.

As you can find out from above, all the above information is for SSC exam as a whole and is not specific for any particular exam. Therefore, I would suggest you that after reading these three articles, you should go to find the prep materials for that specific exam in which you want to appear. You would be able to find it in the SSC Exam Prep Materials section.

Good Luck!