What is SSC CHSL Exam: An Introduction

This article has been posted to introduce you to SSC CHSL Exam – to know what is SSC CHSL Exam in brief, by telling you how this exam has come into being, with a historical perspective. Also it tells you what Departments you get a job, in what post and with what salary after being selected in SSC CHSL Exam. In addition, it provides you some very important statistics like how many candidates appears in this exam each year? How many are selected? What are the stage-wise screening of candidate numbers?

Lets start this by knowing what is SSC CHSL Exam.

What is SSC CHSL ExamWhat is SSC CHSL Exam:

CHSL stands for Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination and it is conducted by SSC (Staff Selection Commission) for recruitment of Group “B” & “C” posts in the various central Govt. Ministries and Departments of Govt of India. These posts consist of the job of Data Entry Operators (DEO) and Lower Division Clerks (LDC).

History of SSC CHSL Exam:
Previously SSC used to conduct exams separately for the post of Data Entry Operators (DEO) through SSC DEO Exam and host of other posts, which were recruited through an exam called Combined Matric Level Exam, which was conducted till 2009.

Minimum eligibility for Combined Metric Level Exam was Class-10 Pass (i.e. (Matric Level). But the Second Administrative Reforms Commission (constituted on 31.08.2005) recommended that the eligibility should be raised to that of Higher Secondary Level.

Accordingly, SSC DEO Exam and Exam for LDC were combined and SSC CHSL Exam was conducted for the first time from the year 2010 – i.e. CHSL 2010 was the first CHSL exam, notification for which was issued on 17.7.2010 and exam conducted on 27.11.2010 & 28.11.2010

Job & Salary through SSC CHSL Exam:

As you could find out from above, through CHSL exam you can get the job of Data Entry Operators (DEO) and Lower Division Clerks (LDC). Both jobs are offered salary in Pay Band-1 (Rs. 5,200 -20200). But Grade Pay of Data Entry Operator is Rs. 2400, while that for Lower Division Clerk is Rs.1900.

With above, approximate salary for the two posts are as below:
Gross Salary for Data Entry Operator: Rs. 31,815.00/=
Gross Salary for Lower Division Clerk: Rs. 25,416.00 /=
Both of above salary is for a Metro city and with assumption that you do not live in Govt. quarters and do not use Govt. vehicle.

For an unclassified city and if you live in Govt. quarters and use Govt. vehicle, the salary can be as below:
Gross Salary for Data Entry Operator: Rs. 26,703.00/=
Gross Salary for Lower Division Clerk: Rs. 21,114.00 /=.
Source: Referencer.in

After knowing how much salary you can expect as a DEO & LDC you would naturally like to know which departments you would get jobs after clearing CHSL exam. These are as below:

Departments for Data Entry Operators (DEO) through CHSL:

You can get jobs in following central govt jobs as a DEO through CHSL:
1). Comptroller & Auditor General of India
2). Controller General of Account
3). Ministry of Agriculture
4). Central Vigilance Commission
5). Central Bureau of Investigation

Departments for Lower Division Clerk (LDC) through CHSL:

On other hand as a LDC through CHSL, You can get jobs in following central govt departments:
1). AFHQ
2). BPR&D
3). Cabinet Secretariat
4). CAT
5). CBI
6). Central Bureau Of Narcotics
7). Central Hindi Directorate, M/o HRD
8). Central Vigilance Commission
9). Controller General Of Account
10). Controller General of Defence Account
11). Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal
12). D/o Electronics and Information Technology
13). Department of Telecommunications
14). D/o Enforcement, Department of Revenue
15). D/o Food and Public Distribution
16). Election Commission
17). Intelligence Bureau
18). Ministry of External Affairs
19). Ministry of Power
20). M/o Environment and Forests
21). M/o Health and Family Welfare
22). M/o Road Transport and Highways
23). M/o Urban Development
24). National Informatics Centre
25). President’s Secretariat

In above list of departments, D/o denotes: Department of and M/o: Ministry of. This list of departments for DEO & LDC has been taken from the results of last three years SSC CHSL exam. The departments may vary for the particular exam you appear in.

Number of Candidates appearing in SSC CHSL Exam:

How many candidates appears each year in CHSL exam? This is a question I had when I thought to post this article on SSC CHSL exam. This data is not readily available on the net. So I had to fish out the Annual Reports of SSC for last three years i.e.  2010-2011, 2011-2012 2012-2013 and prepare the table below, which at once gives you how many candidates had applied in the last three CHSL exams, how many were called for the Skill Test (i.e. Data Entry Skills Test (DEST) and Typing Test (TT)) and ultimately how many were selected in CHSL 2010, CHSL 2011 & CHSL 2012:Number of Candidates appearing in SSC CHSL Exam

You may ask me this question that it is now 2015 and why I am posting such old CHSL data i.e. why I have not posted the figures for SSC CHSL 2013 & 2014.
Let me tell you that I have compiled these figures from official SSC Annual Reports (to ascertain the genuineness) and at this moment, reports till CHSL 2012 is only available in Annual Report 2012-2013. I would update this post once the more recent Annual Reports are made available by SSC. But you have to come back here to find this updates.

How competitive is SSC CHSL exam:

With above data, you can find what % age of candidates who had applied, were selected in the written exam i.e. CHSL and were called for Skill Test. You can also find what % age of candidates who had appeared in the skill test were finally selected. This data for the last three years CHSL exam is given below:How competitive is SSC CHSL examAs you can find in this table, percentage of applicants who qualified in the written CHSL exam is very less – almost less than 1%. Thus less than 1 in each hundred makes it to the “Skill Test” round.

But once if you appear in the Skill Test, your chances of being finally selected brightens up – almost 10%.

From these figures, you can find that  SSC CHSL exam indeed is a very tough exam, not because of the questions asked, but because the number of competitors is huge.

Revelation of these  figures may un-nerve some of you who are not strong-willed. But than, there are causes to feel happy about – as you can find it in my next paragraph below.

Stage-wise elimination in SSC CHSL exam:

While the number of candidates as given above may overwhelm you, you should not loose heart. Because so many people who is apprehensive of failure in CHSL exam, never appears in the exam. You can find this in the table below. In CHSL 2012, while 49,10,340 candidates had applied, less than a half (i.e. 44.762% to be exact) appeared in the exam – 21,97,989 candidates.

Thus, if you just appear in the written test, you would win half the battle. The next battle i.e. clearing CHSL written test is of course difficult – but than, I am here to help you with the SSC CHSL Exam Prep Materials. Also, I have prepared the prep materials for SSC CHSL Skill Test. Please do check it in the menu-bar.Stage-wise elimination in SSC CHSL exam

This ends my article on What is SSC CHSL Exam. I would update the same as and when new data becomes available in SSC website. So keep coming here!

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