Tips for SSC Exam: How to prepare for it

How tSSC Exam Prep Tipso start your preparation for SSC exam? Focus of this article  is on this.. It provides you important tips for SSC Exam preparation.

Your first step while wishing to appear in any SSC exam is: know about SSC exams in detail.
For this purpose, you may wish to go through my article titled: List of SSC Exams: the Index for your preparation. That article gives you the list of exams eligibility-wise (i.e. minimum qualification required).

Why is it important?
It is, because you can actually appear in similar level exams with a single exam preparation. For example there are two exams for Matriculation level: SSC Constable Exam & SSC MTS Exam. Now if you go inside details of these exams, you would find that pattern of exams are similar – i.e. the test section in the written exam are similar. Similarly, if you are a graduate, you can appear not only in SSC CGL Exam, but also SSC SI/ASI Exam.

Hence, when you prepare for one exam, you can appear in the other exam without much other preparation – your chances of getting a govt job increases! Therefore, prepare for SSC Exams with not only a single exam in mind, but plan for appearing in similar other exams too.

Once you zero down to the exam you want to appear, collect as much information about it as possible:
1.0 The schedule of exam – likely date of notification, form submission date, exam date etc.
2.0 The Pattern of exam.
3.0 The Syllabus.
4.0 The Sample Papers.
5.0 The Prep/Guide Books.
This blog provides you all the information you would need to get these information. Look for the schedule of exam in the “News” section while for the rest, look for them in the “Prep-materials” section.

After you get hold of important information on the SSC exam as given above, now is the time to dig deeper and go for the actual preparation.
1.0 Attempt at least one full-length exam paper from which you can find out your area of strength and weakness. For example, if you are appearing in CGL exam, you may find that you are weak in the “English Language“ section while you are strong in “General Intelligence & Reasoning”.

2.0 Then, dig still deeper – which questions in “English Language“ troubles you? Is it Synonym? Is it Antonym? Is it Idiom/Phrases? or Is it Comprehension? You should strengthen these area of weaknesses by practicing similar questions as much as possible. Take help of Sample Papers and Prep/Guide Books for this.

When you appear in the SSC exam, following exam tips should be kept in mind:
1.0 Pay attention to time-management during exam – many a time you do not do well not because you did not know the answer, but because you could not attempt them. Therefore, divide the exam time into five equal parts – keeping the last i.e. 5th part for revisions. Check your speed of answering at the end of every of this parts, so that you can speed-up if you find that you are short in time.
2.0 Beware of the Negative marking. If you are shaky about making guess answers, then it is better not to attempt that question.

This small write-up on SSC Exam preparation tips is universal for all the exams conducted by SSC. To find the prep-tips for a specific exam, you should visit the prep-materials for that exam, which are discussed in more detail.

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